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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 12, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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happened -- >> a discussion about architects turn to religion as the city considers an expanded mosque. and an east bay item from the '20s gets a 21 century remodel, what you will miss had you hit the water. and is there a limit to what they can charge you if your car gets towed? the news starts now. this is cbs 5, eyewitness news. good evening, i'm ken bastida. and i'm dana king, tomorrow we'll learn if gay couples can get married in california. the judge who overturned prop 8 will announce the decision by noon. we learn more about the couples lining up to say i do. >> reporter: and news of the judge, pending ruling tomorrow morning has filled the same-sex
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marriage couples with considerable hope tonight. in fact we learned that offices like the one here at city hall are preparing for a quest of intended couples tomorrow. as a matter of fact take a look. the moveable barricades are already in place next to city hall's main entrance. but we spoke with a legal expert tonight who says that same-sex marriage couples should proceed with caution. >> in his heart he doesn't want to extend the stay. in his heart he wants to deny the stay because he has already found that california does not suffer a serious harm from same- sex marriages occurring. >> reporter: emotional feelings aside, the law professor says that is not a guarantee that the federal judge, vaughn walker will lift the stay he imposed and resume the same-sex marriages tomorrow. in fact, little believes he conducted a careful and cautious trial on prop 8 and likely will be just as careful in ruling on the stay.
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>> what i would think he would do if he lifted the stay would be say make it effective 24 hours later. >> reporter: that would allow appeals to be filed immediately and directly to the ninth circuit court of appeals, which leaves the stay on the ban in the hands of a panel. >> the circuit has the motions panels that sit over and over through the year. they will decide that easily within a week, maybe even less. >> reporter: little believes that judge walker may have already consulted the appeals court. so the ruling tomorrow could be an intense move by both sides. be remembered this is a judge that made a landmark decision and doesn't want to be reversed on appeal. and right now there is every indication they will appeal if the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted. right now that is why they recommend same-sex marriage couples proceed with caution. >> it is not final until the
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appeal is over. anybody who heard he denied the stay but considered time -- i think they would be disappointed. >> reporter: keep in mind if judge walker lifts the stay without any time provisions, counties would be legally allowed to start issuing same- sex marriage licenses tomorrow, even if the ninth circuit court of appeals doesn't back the judge we have been told by legal experts that the marriage licenses would still be deemed legal. live in san francisco, i'm robert liles, cbs 5. >> at least one couple is ready to go if the marriages are allowed to resume. eric ross is waiting outside city hall if it comes down. he has the application and wedding rings for him and his partner. they want to marry quickly in case same-sex marriages are banned again. now the fight has continued for quite a while.
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in 2000, the california voters defined marriage as between a man and a woman. in 2004, the san francisco mayor newsom allowed the marriage licenses to be issued to same-sex marriage couples. in 2008 it was stopped. and in may they overturned bans on same-sex marriages. gay couples wed that same year when prop 8 passed. and that brings us to last week when the federal judge approved the overturned ban. so stay with us tomorrow. again it will come sometime between 9:00 and noon. we'll have more coverage as soon as the decision is made public. and of course we are always on also tonight, a minaret is a sacred place of worship. but others spoke out against a
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six-stories tall spire on a local mosque. >> reporter: it is the 64-foot question the city of santa clara must answer. will this be allowed? >> this is part of our culture and part of our identity, just as the cross is a symbol of the christian faith or the temple. >> reporter: to one of the largest muslim communities in the south bay, the minaret is a symbol of their faith. to some though it doesn't fit in an area zoned for light industrial businesses. >> our opposition to the tower is based to on the belief that the building is in opposition to the rest of the buildings. >> reporter: scott moss filed appeal opposing the plan to build the tower. he was not alone, a handful of people spoke out against it. >> if you want to remove the
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political theme, why not a 10- foot one. they have no practical purposes anyway, and that wouldn't offend anybody. >> to me this is a symbol of what happened on 911. >> reporter: emotions are high on both sides. >> this kind of thinking is not helpful in a society like this. i am disappointed -- it really hurts me to be an american muslim. >> all in favor? >> yes. >> reporter: the planning commission voted unanimously to deny the appeal saying nobody gave a compelling enough argument against it. the minaret will go forward. tom scott is not sure if he will appeal again. >> i wouldn't be against it if it were in another setting. >> we are muslim. this is our home, we adopted this as a home. we are here to stay. so we have two choices. we can continue to see the
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chaos or move towards friendship. >> reporter: and when it is built it will be by the tree there. and it is not over yet. when it is built tom scott has the option to appeal to the city council. and 17% unemployment, a surge in crime rate. a smaller police force. now those are just a few of the problems that the next mayor of oakland will face. tonight, the race for that job is getting pretty crowded. saw a lot and a lot of the faces may not be family to you. >> if they're getting our second and third vote, folks are going to have to play nice. >> reporter: a bit of levity to break the ice and the mayoral want to bees make their speech. >> i want oakland to be the best place to work and vacation. >> reporter: some of them are first-timers running for office. >> really the problem is what i would call a shopper-unfriendly
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environment. we don't have proper parking nor the right mix of stores. >> reporter: here is a mix of business people, educators, a political analyst. >> it is not acceptable, it is unacceptable to have unemployment at 17% that impacts most severely the poorest people or usually people of color in our community. >> i am a community activist, a green party member. i am a local volunteer and that is where i'm coming from. that is what i want to bring to the table here in oakland. >> reporter: do you really think you have a chance? >> good question, probably they have to catch up with me. i am the guy who is running the grass roots campaign and i'm the guy who has 85,000 registered voters. >> reporter: there was one surprise. this candidate dropped out. >> i promise you even though i won't be in this campaign for mayor i will be in the fight for real changes in oakland. >> reporter: some are more well- known, including two current city council members, quan.
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>> i want to be the mayor of oakland, my family has lived here for a hundred years. i have worked 20 years as a public servant, i have been in all the neighborhoods. >> reporter: and rebecca kaplan, if elected, would be the first openly gay mayor. >> certainly the issues years ago are currently causing terrible finance problems. and the next mayor will have to fix them. >> reporter: and political veteran, former state senator, don perata. >> i am a known quantity. i am not going to sneak up on anybody. but oakland needs political leadership and it needs people who can make decisions. off it begins and it begins with the mayor, and i believe i have demonstrated that one thing i can do is make a decision. >> reporter: and one thing that happened as the office was closing, that brings the hopefuls to 13 after one more
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filed. to learn who qualified for the ballot. in oakland, sherry hu, cbs five. and not since world war ii have we seen this. new numbers show that people of california saw this personal income drop last year, seeing earnings go down 2 and a half%, far higher than the 1.8% drop seen nationwide. people in the bay area were hit much harder. we saw a 3.3% decline in income. and coming up we may not have certain things, but we do have this place. a walking tour of the east bay's restored gym and what you won't smell when you take the plunge. all right, add this to the list of childhood activities now seen as potentionally unsafe. the threat and the simple steps that can help to protect your child. and tonight's good question probably coming to us from somebody who just had to pay.
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just kidding, a four billion dollar project is the first to work with a high speed station, as well as the gate way to a dozen local transit agencies. it is set to be completed sometime in 2017. and this weekend, east bay swimmers once again can take the plunge in a well-loved richmond landmark. ann notarangelo shows us how they got the nearly century old pool back in the swim of things. >> it looks like something cool happening. >> reporter: five-year-old david locket was not even born when the area was closed in 2001, but he can't wait to jump in. and this lady is remembering the former inside fountain that is moved outside for health reasons. >> the mushroom used to be in the kiddy pool.
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and you could sit all around the edge of it. and the water would come and drip down. >> reporter: built in 1926, the plunge was then damaged in the quake. nine years and 7 and a half million years and millions later it is ready to open again. the artist took time to honor history while improving on it. he claims this was the cleanest, greenest pool in the country. it has a little bit of salt in it, about the same as found in human tears. and you don't smell any chemicals. blending new and old, solar heat helps to warm it. but there is hand-painted signs stating the rules. the walkway is much larger. >> this area had a small pool deck.
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this is a picture of the people -- if they're jammed in here it could be -- now it is better. >> reporter: the plunge has always had a mural, and the new one shows a beloved swim teacher. >> she is the princess of the pool, an amazing inspiration for me. >> reporter: she is now 83. and it is hoped she will be the first one in the pool on saturday. david vince will be there as well. his parents came here as kids and so did he. he raised the money. >> i am probably like everybody, it is very awesome. >> reporter: the if she official grand opening is set to come and there will be public surprises at 10:30. so people who plan to come down get here at 10:30, see something special. in richmond, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. and concerns about unsafe
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lead levels have prompted the state attorney general to sue makers of bouncy houses. jerry brown wants them to stop making the vynyl with lady lead as the parties. he wants warnings posted. that after the center for environmental health recently found they contained more lead than legally allowed. now if your child does crawl in one and has a good time in one, have them wash their hands after they finish. always a good idea. and the big surprise at 10:30, dana, you with me on this one? the big surprise. ken bastida in a speed-o. >> not likely. >> i'm there. clouds coming in, hanging across the bay area today, keeping the in san francisco only at 59 degrees, and more
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marine layer, the pretty heavy drizzle on the coast as well. temperatures in the 50s, we still have temperatures averaging anywhere between 10 and 18 degrees below normal for this time of year, only 6 degrees inland. and concord, and that is all because of that upper level trough sitting right here. it is very strong. not going anywhere. deepening that marine layer, compressing it. but tomorrow is going to make that a little bit sooner due to the high pressure getting stronger, 50s, 60s, 70 in san jose, warmer in the east bay. you will feel the difference. instead of the upper 50s in concord we bank on numbers in the low 80s but still below average. 75 the forecast high in santa rosa for the first time this week. but the average high is 83 degrees with westerly winds kicking up late day. we should begin to realize the seasonal temperatures are returning right here to the bay area. by the beginning portion of the weekend -- summer returns by the later portion of the
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weekend up until about tuesday, wednesday. then it all goes back down again. all right, so feeling a lot like alaska, john says if it feels like it, it looks like it. that is from alaska, his photo, thats gorgeous. keep them coming. >> the perfect time in alaska, no mosquitoes. >> yes, no mosquitoes, we're dressed for it. so let's go. dressed for it. so let's go. >> the guy dressed there hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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. yeah, first the inconvenience of having to recover your car, then the eye- popping price tag to get it out. tonight's good question comes to us from this person in fremont who says is there a limit to what the tow companies can charge you in san francisco? >> reporter: it is the worst feeling in the world. you come outside to look for your car and you realize -- it got towed. so your car gets towed by the city, this is where it ends up on bryant street and it will cost and whole lot of money to get it out. >> the way it is going -- it is
2:02 am
approximately $380 for the towing charges. and it gets even higher for storage fees. so altogether roughly around $500. >> reporter: here is how it breaks down. the city of san francisco has a contract with a company called auto return. but to get your auto returned you have to pay up front. 199.25 for the towing charge. the city of san francisco gets an additional administrative fee of 185.50. then of course you have to pay the parking client itself before they release your car, typically that is 85 bucks for a towaway zone downtown. and then there is the charge of 51-20 to store the car that goes up every day. paul rose of the san francisco municipal transportation agency says the city tows upwards of up to 60 vehicles a day at an
2:03 am
average cost of 500 per tow for the drivers. the city's take? well, more than 7 million a year. and that is just tow truck drivers under contract with the city of san francisco. the fees for independent operators are governed by the state. >> follow the rules of the road for parking and you should be okay. >> reporter: i need your good questions, send them to me at and one of baseball's best closers, he got arrested, you will never guess ,, ♪ a little french's brings a whole lot of happy. and now french's has new honey mustard dipping sauce. french's happy starts here. i vacuumed my carpet, but it's still so dingy. she needs resolve deep clean powder. look what vacuuming alone leaves behind. this penetrates deep
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instantly through wii. plus dvds by mail. all for only 9 bucks a month. back off. brian sabean didn't have to look far to find the giants a new infielder the answer was in the visiting clubhouse... the giants traded . when rent eria was on the disabled list, they changed for fontenot. aaron rowan, gone, zito gets the lead back in the 7th. cubs leader just misses, zito gave up 10 hits, four runs and six and a third. and pat derby, on the homerun, maybe that bat was the missing piece, third game winning hit in the last 11 games. they remain two and a half games back from the padres in the west. a's came in today one, last 38 with runners in scoring position, mark ellis changes
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that. cliff pennington, dallas braden pitches a complete game for the fourth time this year. a's avoid the sweep and beat the mariners 5-1. and a hamstring injury keeping mcfadden out of the preseason openers in dallas. run dmc and busch battling it out for the starting spot and in training camp. >> we go back and forth on who we watch in the room, sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. >> but batman was a good one? >> yeah, that was. >> and by the way, raiders team reminding al davis of the group that won super bowl xv. >> i see this young jason campbell, as a football player like i saw jim puckett. he can run, he is big, smart, i really predict great things for him. >> and number four, back to
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seattle. gutierrez, he robs the landing, would say there is a good thing there is padding on that wall. and number three, michael crabtree suffers a strain after practice today. we'll know more tomorrow. and francisco rodriguez arrested tonight after punching his father during a post-game fight in the team's family lounge. and the number one play of the night, bruins led the diamondbacks, four batters later, arizona up 4-2, then they became the 17th team in history to hit four consecutive homeruns. clearly worthy of the number one play of the night. >> wow, and thank you. that will be on your blog? >> no blog tonight, i won't make a blog tonight. >> a ,,,,,,,,
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